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Alright this is kind of fun

Try this... Call this phone number
(925) 238-9595
When prompted start spelling the first 5 letters of "Wizards & Warriors" (94927 followed by the pound sign). This will list 5 possible matches, select "Wizards & Warriors" and enjoy. This is powered by the exceedingly cool Twilio

A Quick Refresh

I just finished updating this code to the newest Google App Engine release! While I was cleaning up I changed how URLs are handled for games, and ended up making the site a lot more search engine friendly. Games are assigned a GUID that is a "URLized" version of their name. To grab a page about a game just add ".html" to that GUID, to get an XML copy just add ".xml". I personally believe that the extension of a URL should reflect the format of it's contents and not the software used to host it (".jsp" and ".aspx" aren't output formats they are hosting technologies) 08-20-2010

Finished Importing ROM Information

Thanks to the amazing work of Cowering as well as a lot of data manipulation in Excel (I'm serious, it's the best environment for massaging data) I have completed an import of every CRC, MD5 and SHA1 check sum for all known good ROMS. This isn't a list I expect will change frequently (though there is support for updating the data if new releases are discovered). You can now search by CRC with a high degree of confidence that you will find the correct game. 12-07-2009

Added more Google-ness

So now that this site basically works (I really am stretching the word "basic" here) I figured I would help make this even more useful. So I uploaded the source code for the entire site into Google Code (and added a button on every page). Anyone who wants to should be able to grab the code and see what I am up to. It's really simple, and hopefully if anyone has an idea of how it can be better they will download the source and try and make a patch. It feels good to open source a project, like a nerdy Christmas. 12-06-2009

Check out Wizards & Warriors!

Wizards & Warriors was a game I played a lot as a kid. Even now if I am sitting in front of a Nintendo with even a moment to kill, I will reach of this game. It seems only fitting to use this game to tryout some new code on this site.
Now for why this is interesting... If you take the CRC value of the Wizards & Warriors (505F9715) you can compose this URL

You will get back an XML formatted list of NES games that match the CRC. If you replace .html with .xml for any of the returned links you will get a Nestopia formatted list of Game Genie codes. The formats are clean, and human readable. It would be an interesting project to add this service directly into an emulator.